Far over the Misty Mountains rise...
Fíli, brother of Kíli, son of Dís, the sister of Thorin, in the house of Durin! Phew, that was a long one! Yellow beards, and long noses, dwarf of... Well, working on that last bit there. Come one, come all! Have yourself a drink, or ten, it matters not to me! About Me.
Fíli in the company of 14
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Symbols of Middle-Earth

The Hobbit Cast: Dean, Richard, & Aidan x|x|x

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far over the misty mountains cold

the pines were roaring on the height
the winds were moaning in the night
the fire was red, it flaming spread
the trees like torches blazed with light

Jewels in the Crown of Our King by loobeeinthesky


Jewels in the Crown of Our King by loobeeinthesky


Amera stared blankly at the frothing tankard before her, unsure of why she had bought it in the first place. A puddle seemed more appealing the longer she stared into the dark, potentially perilous depths of the ale. With a frustrated sigh, she pushed it away and drummed her fingers against the table before her. Realizing the entire idea had been painfully stupid the longer she thought on it, Amera annoyedly mimicked Fili’s voice beneath her breath, “Oy! Let’s go get a drink! It’ll be fun! Bit of fresh air!”

 She had been an idiot to believe a word of it.

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uhhhh i mean—

uhhhh i mean—



LOTR Tarot by SceithAilm, via Geekologie.

A Hobbit scenery appreciation post part 1 out of ?

A Hobbit scenery appreciation post part 2 out of ?