Far over the Misty Mountains rise...
Fíli, brother of Kíli, son of Dís, the sister of Thorin, in the house of Durin! Phew, that was a long one! Yellow beards, and long noses, dwarf of... Well, working on that last bit there. Come one, come all! Have yourself a drink, or ten, it matters not to me! About Me.
Fíli in the company of 14
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"You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore."

"You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore."

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          [Making a face, Kíli turns away.]  Trainin’.  [It’s one thing to admit his incompetence; it’s another thing to admit such folly to his own brother and kin, no less.]  Did y’see how we fought with th’ Orcs with nary a weapon on us?  Being in the dungeons in Mirkwood made us soft—made me soft.  [When was the last time he had shot an arrow, swung a sword?]

                [It is not so much that the Dwarf is itching for a fight as he wants to be ready when a fight comes to him.  If something happened to the others—and it was his fault, his failure—Kíli would never forgive himself.  But disliking such seriousness, he is quick to change the subject.]  —Was goin’ t’grab a bite too, but trainin’—it seemed more important. 

         [ Fíli gave a simple shrug, then agreed that clearly the middle of the night was a perfect time to train and create a racket ] Th’moon and stars are out, it’s just like practicin’ in the daylight. And no one will get in our way. Marvelous! 

               [ Giving Kíli a hardly pat on the back, he then smiled and walked weaponless forward, no idea where their destination would take us. It would probably be best if Kíli lead the way on this one, but it didn’t stop the elder from putting one foot in front of the other ] So— Where we headed then, laddie?



             [ Despite her better efforts, and her insistence that he stay put, Tauriel is no match for little feet with access to too many hiding places. ] —Your nephew seems to have conveniently misplaced himself when he should be sleeping…

         Eh? Y’act as if it was my doin’! [ Which, in fact, such behaviors might’ve triggered it. Considering Fíli did promise to sneak the little bugger a pint of ale if he managed to sneak away into the night and meet his uncle to the dining hall ] I have no idea how this came about! Shall we have ourselves a search party then?


what a wild night that was


"OF THE THREE ELDER RACES — Elves, Dwarves, and Men — it was undoubtedly the Dwarves who exhibited the greatest love for the lands of Middle-Earth and the treasures to be found there…They were grasping, industrious, fierce, jealous, brave, loyal — and unflinching in labour or adversity.”

LOTR/The Hobbit meme: three races [3/3] → Dwarves

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